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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Something is seriously wrong..

I have interviewed many people from many states and have developed this impression that something is seriously wrong with our education system. Most of the candidates I interviewed could not answer simple fundamental questions.

The other day, a candidate who is a mechanical engineer could not even define the term “WORK” or “Mechanical Equivalent of heat” .

The next day’s experience was even shocking. 

A candidate came to face the interview. His academic records are excellent: 90% in High school (State Board), 86% in Higher Secondary (CBSE) and 80% in BTech.. I felt happy to get such a brilliant young man as a teacher for my students.

I started with the question: 
“How or why does a body float in water or in any liquid?” 
He replied, “Because of buoyancy force.” 
“On what factor does the buoyancy depend?” I asked…He could not answer. 
I asked back, “Why does a needle sink in water but the ship float?”  
And to that his answer was, “The needle has lesser density as compared to the ship.”
I asked, “What is the density of steel/iron, approximately?”
About 1.4 kg/cubic meter, he replied
“And density of mercury?”, I got curious to know his answer.
“1.2 kg/cubic meter” was his reply
“And the density of water?” I asked not losing my cool.
“1000 kg/cubic meter”, he replied correctly for the first time.
So, according to this brilliant mechanical engineer, water is 1000 times heavier than steel.
I could not decide whether to cry or laugh... 

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