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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dousing the fire...

A driver was asked after he had won the best driver award in some competition,
“What is the secret of your success as a driver?”
He replied with a naughty smile,
“It is very simple. Consider all other drivers in the world to be insane while driving your car.”
Sounds too simplistic, but it carries lots of weight and meaning.

It is true, as some advertisement says, “The roads are full with idiots.” 

One will face the challenge to control one’s temper and patience while driving. But, we do not gain anything by losing our temper while driving.

Road rage is a common phenomenon in any country these days. Just a fit of anger can ruin our entire life.
Before I start driving my car, I tell myself, “You are going to control your temper. Do not come down to the level of the street fighters.”

After all, the way we drive, reflects our personality.

We may not have control over others and over some situations, but we can definitely control ourselves. It is easier said than done, though.

Here are some tips on driver courtesy from

Be courteous and share the road:

  • Allow other drivers to merge or change lanes easily.
  • Only use your horn as a warning sound and do not use it out of frustration.
  • Always try to stay relaxed and concentrate on your own driving and safety rather than the behaviour of others.
  • Don't gesture to other drivers or engage in arguments.
  • Be forgiving of other drivers’ mistakes.
  • Don't take your personal frustration out on the road.
  • Be aware of the needs of other drivers, and all other road users like pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and heavy vehicles.

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