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Thursday, 13 December 2012

A win win situation?

Read this story somewhere and found it very interesting…

A devout old lady was asked by her young grand son,
“Grandma, you believe in Jesus Christ. Are you sure that he is going to save you? What if his promises turn out to be false?”

The old lady smiled and replied,
“I believe whatever Jesus says.
As far as your question is concerned, I see it this way:
If what Jesus has promised becomes true, I am going to be the gainer, since I have trusted in Him and I’ll be saved. And even if his promises turn out to be false, I have nothing to lose since I am leading a good life following Him and I’ll have no regrets.

But, my son, if what Jesus says is true, what will happen to you if you do not trust Him now?”

A very interesting logic indeed….. I have no idea what the young man did.

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