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I am not a writer nor a poet. Just trying to narrate some of my experiences .. I am usually comfortable in writing in Assamese, my mother tongue. Have written few blogs in English and have tried my hands in composing few poems in Hindi too.. My Hindi speaking friends may excuse me for my audacity to do so..

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Friday, 5 April 2013

Even the storms will make way for you..

Don’t lose heart; this storm will make way for you,
You’ll see tomorrow, it will give your life its meaning.

The one who is afraid of pain, how can he move ahead?
When courage is the companion, thorns will also make way.

Tell me friend, is there any ,not laughed at by this world?
Tomorrow, those who mocked, will give your life its meaning.

Go ahead singing your own song, not listening to others,
Even the dusts of your feet will direct the paths of many.

This is the rule of this world; it takes side with the winner,
People of this world someday will give your life its meaning.
--Dr Yogendra Nath Sharma Arun
Translated by: Dr Makhan Lal Das

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