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Saturday, 20 October 2012

A true soldier.. people's friend..

It was during some winter. I was in a train to Delhi. The sleeper coach I had been traveling in was over-crowded. There was a large number of armed forces personnel traveling with us. Most of them could not get any confirmed berth and were making themselves comfortable in whatever little space they could manage for themselves in the already crowded compartment. Few of them were around me. I was not used to traveling by train and it was only  my second  journey to Delhi. I did not feel happy to be crowded by them as I had to sacrifice a lot of my personal space.

Initial few hours passed without much interaction with them. A young soldier who was sitting on a steel trunk placed on the floor just beside me broke the ice and started some conversation with me. I was responding to him in short sentences as I was not very good in Hindi. He was from Himachal Pradesh and was going home on annual leave. The journey to Delhi from Guwahati was a long one and it used to take about 36 hours. As time passed, we became friendlier to each other. The day passed off quickly. He, along with many of his fellow soldiers slept on the floor at night.

We crossed Patna early next morning and Delhi was coming closer and closer. I started getting worried since I was alone and did not know anything about the place. The train was expected to reach New Delhi at about eight in the evening. There was always a chance of the train getting late . In that case, my problem would be more, being a total stranger in such a big city. I had no contacts in Delhi. I had been planning to stay in some hotel near to the station. There was always a chance of getting cheated.

As we approached Delhi, I shared my apprehension with him, my soldier friend. At first he started giving me some directions. I frankly told him that I knew nothing about Delhi and I just wanted to check into some hotel which would be safe for me. He told me not to worry.

We reached Delhi almost on time.  I started getting down and my soldier friend also got down with me. I looked at him.

He said , " Come, follow me. I know some hotel and shall take you there."

" But, you may be late and miss your train to your place", I said to him showing genuine concern.

He said, " Don't worry, I have more than half an hour in hand", and started moving fast.

I followed him like an obedient boy. He took me inside the crowded Paharganj area and after about ten minutes stopped before a hotel. He spoke to the person at the reception and only after I was safely put in a good room, he left. I thanked him but he did not even look back and started running back to the station to catch his train.

I even forgot to ask his name.  More than 22 years have passed since then. I do not know where and how he is now. Probably in the course of time he has helped many more persons like me.

God be with him.


  1. good things happen with good matter how lately we realize that.

  2. It was a nice read. Thank you for posting. It always amazes me that the smallest things to some make lasting memories to those that the happen.