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Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Duplicate key..

The Duplicate Key..
I shifted to an apartment yesterday, managed through a broker. I was given a key of the door. I was advised by an well-wisher not to use the lock fitted to the door and to buy an external lock since there may be some duplicate key with the builder or the middle-man.
I purchased a lock last night. Came out of my apartment this morning ready to leave for college, closed the door and tried to put my new lock on the latch fixed on the door. I was not successful and wanted to check whether I had used the right key. As I tried to go inside, to my horror I found the door locked. The door got automatically locked , I am locked out....I looked for the key and was horrified to find that I had left the key inside as I was going to use the new external lock.
what to do?
I went down, told the caretaker what had happened. He said sheepishly that I was not alone to have made such a mistake. the door gets automatically locked once one comes out and one needs to be careful.
The caretaker called the middle-man who came with a bunch of keys. He selected two keys from among them be tried. The first one did not work. Then the next one was tried. My heart was beating faster. It went inside. The caretaker tried it hard. And the door opened. I heaved a sigh of relief.
The middle-man thought for a while. Separated the key that worked from the bunch and handed that over to me and advised me to be careful in future..
Looking at the key I started wondering, wasn't it good that I got locked out. Otherwise this duplicate key would have been with middle-man without myself being aware of it.

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