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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Little Commom Sense..

I had returned home after a gap of about four months. My son grimly declared that my favorite PC was out of order. 

"What's the problem?", I asked.
"It simply doesn't start', he replied. 

I felt bad since surviving without the PC would be difficult. 

I am not a computer expert. I cannot repair it.
" Have to call my trusted computer man Bikash", I thought.

Before calling Bikash I just wanted to check the problem. And one fine morning, when I was alone at home, I started my job. I switched on the UPS, then the computer which gave me the indication that the PC had started but the monitor does not work. 

I checked the monitor whether it was switched on. It was. 

"The problem is somewhere else", I talked to myself. I started checking the connections one by one. All connections seemed alright. At last I checked the power supply to the monitor and I could find that the connection from the adapter was loose. "Probably, this is the problem", I assured myself and reconnected the cable to the adapter. and low and behold, the monitor started working.

My son never checked the connections and just had declared the computer to be out of order. If I were not there, he would have called some experts who would have charged him few hundred rupees to fix the BIG problem....

Some times common sense is what we require most.

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