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Friday, 2 November 2012

Two honest boys..

One of them is physically challenged. He was accompanied by his friend. They are from Bihar, recently admitted to our college. They entered my room after politely taking permission.

One of them started, "Sir, we want your forgiveness."

I got confused and asked them, "Why? What happened? What have you done?"

"Sir, without taking your permission we have booked our t
icket to go home since it is difficult to get reservations during this Diwalee season.", one of them replied.

"What is wrong in that? The college will be closed for Diwalee vacation, you are allowed to go home.", I assured them.

"No sir, we made a mistake.. we booked our tickets for tomorrow. There is some function at his house. He cannot go alone since he is physically handicapped. So, two of us are also going with him. Our vacation starts next week only. We are going tomorrow.. Please forgive us. If you do not allow, we'll not go." The other boy said pointing towards the physically challenged boy.

I was amazed by their honesty, simplicity and moral courage. I just looked at the two boys with a smile in my face.

And I coolly replied, " Don't worry, you go home tomorrow. I'll tell your warden."

They thanked me and left my room happily.

Just love such honest and bold students.

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