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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Saving that drop…

Some one commented, “The next world war is going to be fought over water.” Water is going to be the bone of contention.

Some people have already been suffering from water scarcity and it will affect more and more people if we do not take appropriate steps.

The other day I saw a newly installed beautiful bath tub in a friend’s house. It is a luxury, no question about that. 

I have read somewhere that it takes about 70 gallons of water to fill a bathtub, so, obviously, showers are generally the more water-efficient way to bathe. And , if we use a low-flow shower-head , we can save 15 gallons of water during a 10-minute shower.

To, me, not using a shower is even better. I still remember my IIT, Madras days. 

It was during the period 1987-89. Chennai was passing through a situation where water was considered to be precious.  Our hostel bath room shower connections were cut off. One had to carry a bucket of water inside the bath room to take bath. It saved lots of water, no doubt. It was not very convenient though. There was no water tap inside the bath room. Otherwise, some one might have wasted water by keeping the tap running while taking bath. As the water tap was outside, one had to satisfy oneself with whatever water he carried inside the bath room. It was a very good step taken by the authorities, no doubt about that.

This is just an example.. 

We can save plenty of water by some simple judicious steps like that

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