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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Kanku..Kanku...It is never too early to teach.

Kanku.. Kanku..

10th November, 1990.
It was my elder son's first birthday. Naturally, we were very much excited. As the super-in-tendent of hostel-2, Assam Engineering College, I had to invite a large number of students. My brother-in-law was also a student of Assam Engineering College at that time and he had his share of guests too. In addition to that we invited a large number of other

It was a big affair.

I used to treat my son like a grownup boy even at that tender age. As the preparations for the celebrations  were in progress, I told to my one year old son, something like this:

"Bablu, today people will give you presents. When someone gives you a present, you just say THANK YOU."

He just listened to me and did not say anything.  He could utter few words and express his feelings and demands but not full sentences at that age. But I used to talk to him as if he was a mature boy.

Guests started arriving. Refreshments/dinner was being served. My son looked excited when people started giving him beautiful presents. But he did not say thank you to anybody as I expected..

After few guests had left my son started uttering ,
I was amused.
Just as a one year old boy, he could understand my instructions. Probably he was not confident enough to say thank you but he tried to say something after the guests left.

It is never too early to teach..

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