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Friday, 26 October 2012

Love thy neighbor

“Love thy neighbor”, says one of the Ten Commandments in the Bible. 

Love is patient, it overlooks the shortcomings of others, it forgives and it covers everything. When we love someone, we would never do anything to harm him/her, rather would try to do only the best for the person.

The principle is applicable in our day to day lives. 

When we park our cars, do we consider the inconvenience it might create to others?
If we love our neighbors, we would think many times before creating that noise pollution while celebrating our cultural functions using unnecessarily noisy sound systems that rob many a person of their sleep which is their natural right. 

If we love our neighbors, we would not throw that garbage on the road, on the roadside. The Principle becomes more important for people living in Flats sharing many common facilities. 

The list of examples is endless.

The change must come from within. Such a change in attitude can only change our surroundings, our society and our world.

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