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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Thinking differently...

It is said, "Morning Shows the day", meaning, morning gives the indication about the day to follow.
In a lighter vein, I put this question to my friends: " Which part of the day is Morning and which part is the actual day?"

I received few very interesting answers, some of them are witty too.
"For me morning starts when I leave bed and ends when I put my signature in my office. Worst part of the morning session is to prepare and drop my kid in his school.On a holiday morning never happens/dies", answered Sanjib Deuri.
And Tarakeswar Das was pragmatic, "Jab Akh Kholey Tabhi Savera....Good Morning...." When you open your eyes, it is morning.... 
"Jab jaago tabhi savera". to me the DAY begins with the start of first responsibility accomplished in any platform based on the age ." commented Subhralin Thakuria. 

For Soumendra Bandopadhyaya morning and day were almost synonymous.

Batukeswar Datt Khandelwal was at his poetic best to comment,
“MORNING” is a good time to “REMEMBER
all the sweet things & all sweet persons in your “LIFE
so wake up with your
And Vishwamani Seth summarized in two words, "Wee Hours. 
Shankar Tayung described poetically, "I think morning ends the moment you wash your hands after breakfast! Day begins when you cross the gates of your house.
Evening begins when you take a muna and go to the vegetable market!
Night begins with a peg of Royal Stag and ending up in sleep!
Really interesting responses, aren't they? 

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