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Friday, 25 October 2013

A Fake Profile..

A Fake Profile..

I received a friend request from a very decent looking person in face book. I do not accept requests easily. To me, the profile should have more than one picture, some convincing profile description and so on. In this case, I could not find anything suspicious initially and I accepted. 

The person (male or female I do not know) started chatting with me during day time, next day. One of his photographs showed him playing violin. I told him about my interest in music and asked him a few things about his interest in violin; he tried to avoid that topic and simply replied, “Music is my life.” He claimed himself to be a heart surgeon working in a very famous institution in New Delhi. I was highly impressed. I asked, whether I could see him over the cam. He replied that he did not have a came. That made me suspicious. I started going through his profile again, looking at the profile picture could not come to any conclusion.

Then I did a Google search with the key words “violinist of Delhi” but it did not show him among the results. My suspicion began to grow. I posted one of his pictures where he was shown playing a violin to a group with the caption: “Identify this famous violinist.” I expected a correct answer since that was a group of brilliant engineers. My suspicion was proved right after about an hour when a group member came with the right answer. The photograph was of a very famous Russian Violinist. 

And I blocked that fake person immediately.

Strange are the ways of people.

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