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Monday, 28 October 2013

What some engineering students think

What some engineering students think..

Student feed back is often taken to assess the teachers as well as the quality of students. In private engineering colleges, where the students are usually not very brilliant, feed back becomes necessary to devise methods to help the students better.

Some very interesting comments come from students which, at times, can be eye openers for the traditionally minded teachers.

Following are some comments from some of my students:

" I think more explanation on the subject confuse us more. We are average students. More explanations make us confused."
(Probably they prefer only spoon feeding)

"Sir does not give us practical knowledge, teaches only theory, that too not properly."
( The student is right, the teacher needs to do some hard work )

"Give us practical knowledge, show us the application of the subject in real world, do not give any assignment."
( The students do not  like assignments, a universal truth)

" We want to learn new concepts and practical implementation."
( Yes, this should be the case)

" Give extra practical uses of the subject in industry and real world...Do not give assignments.."
(Well, probably there should be different ways of making them work)

" The teacher should motivate us.. what we are going to do after graduation.."
(A serious matter, no doubt)

"Give us knowledge for job."
( The down to earth student, finally this is what matters)

" Most of the time the teachers waste time making fun with the students. The duration of the class is one hour, lease teach us for at least 50 minutes, not just for 30 minutes.. "
( There are serious students also.. such teachers lose respect soon)

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